, Canon Photo5 2012 Brief Black and White “Fishing Wire”, My Travels Blog 2020, My Travels Blog 2020

Canon Photo5 2012 Brief Black and White “Fishing Wire”

Canon Photo5 2012 Brief Black and White “Fishing Wire”

, Canon Photo5 2012 Brief Black and White “Fishing Wire”, My Travels Blog 2020, My Travels Blog 2020

My Entry in the Black and White Brief.

Open Brief #1 Wind

“This brief is all about finding something special in the everyday. Everything is affected by the wind, so you only have to look around you for inspiration. Failing that, you could use a fan and create your own.”
From the Judge
“You can choose to freeze the effects of wind by sharply capturing moving subjects or experiment with blurring.
Consider panning to freeze your subject against a blurred background or use a tripod and experiment with slower shutter speeds to convey movement.
You could also think about the effect wind has on different subjects.”

Brief #2 Spagetti/Portraiture

“Create a unique image which makes use of the interaction between spaghetti and people. Spaghetti can take on many forms and shooting portraiture allows you to explore the photographic techniques you enjoy or have always wanted to play with. Feel free to get yourself some full-length spaghetti to really bring this brief to life.”
From the Judge
“I would love to see creative use of camera skills, i.e. depth of field, angles, shutter speeds and lighting. The image needs to have a story, something humorous or an emotion that holds the viewer for 10 seconds. It could be an artistic recreation of an iconic image. And I love ‘cookies’, those little hidden surprises that you don’t see on your first look.”

Brief #3 Tissue Paper/Strong Colour

“Create an image in which colour leaps out of the frame. Tissue paper can be used in a variety of ways to create other forms or as blocks and abstract shapes of colour. Have fun with your camera’s white balance and colour settings to really make your image pop.
Don’t be limited by the tissue paper in the pack. If you’d like other colours, you’re free to pick up more.”
From the Judge
“Tissue paper is, by nature, boldly colourful. So a successful shot will hinge upon a creative way of photographing it that highlights the strong colour. Will you get crafty and construct something? Decorate someone or something? Rip it up or keep it intact? Use a single bold colour or a whole kaleidoscope of colour? Any of these approaches could result in a winning image.”

Brief #4 Little People/Scale
“Create an image which brings these tiny people to life. You can use the figures in the box or buy extras to create your composition. And really think about what they’re interacting with or where they’re positioned to play with scale in an interesting way.
Try putting yourself in the mind of someone a fraction of your size. Where would you go? What would you do?”
From the Judge
“This challenge demands creative use of scale and careful placement of elements. Enter the macro world where colour, shape and form become hugely important. You have a chance to emphasise something small and make it big – it’s all about relativity. The best images will not only look great, they will evoke a feeling, use atmosphere and say something not usually heard. Consider using a macro or tilt/shift lens and be deliberate in your choice of aperture for depth-of-field. Lateral thinking will be rewarded.”

Brief #5 Fishing Wire/Black and White
“Create a beautiful and otherworldly black and white image. Fishing wire can bring other objects to life, make them move as if by magic and distort recognisable forms into entirely new shapes and textures.
Again, feel free to get yourself some extra line if you feel you need it.”
From the Judge
“Colour can be a distraction, taking away from the key elements of a great photograph. Learn to see in black and white. Visualise only the shapes, form and lines within your frame and their interaction. Simplify your composition into the main graphic elements. Directional lighting adds contrast to a scene and reveals its shape, form and texture by creating shadows. The translucent nature of fishing line makes a real feature of it against a dark background.”

Canon 5D


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, Canon Photo5 2012 Brief Black and White “Fishing Wire”, My Travels Blog 2020, My Travels Blog 2020

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